So you're just starting out with comms, or you're a repeat customer who wants to know if I still work the same way. Either way, here's the basics:

Please have references ready! It is important that your character looks the way that you envision them, and references pull a lot of weight in terms of bridging that gap. Faceclaims, pose, clothing, vibe of the art, etc. are all very helpful. If you'd like more details, check the FAQ!~

I use PayPal, but in rare cases I am willing to use venmo. Initial payment is always sent first. Every worked hour will be billed at the end, when the final product is ready to be sent. The final product will only be sent after the hours are paid.

I may work on your commission on stream! If you'd like for me to not do that, please bring it up with me before that happens (preferably before initial payment). Otherwise, I will assume it isn't an issue.

A "Worked Hour" is a full hour that I spend working on your commission. It does not account for me texting, or talking to my landlord, or making myself tea. It does, however, account for me searching for references, going back and forth with the customer on finer details that need continuous adjustment, and everything else directly concerning the piece. I generally won't charge you more than what is negotiated beforehand, unless it really does take me a lot longer than expected due to intricate design, several amendments, etc. I will let you know when/if this happens so that you're able to make an informed decision!


Frequently Asked Questions

Some people have questions that are very similar to other people's questions. It's honestly just easier to answer the more common ones en masse.

How do you record time?

I use some pretty simple software made by Neil Cicierega in 2013 called the Work Timer. It counts while you're using an application (in my case, Photoshop) and silently judges you when you're not. Link if interested.

What software do you use?

I primarily work in Photoshop, because that's what I'm used to, and will occassionally use Procreate for smaller projects. Most of my sketches, for example, are done in Procreate. That being said, if you're looking to get into digital illustration, I highly recommend Clip Studio Paint. CSP has some spectacular functionality, and I'd use it myself more if it didn't make me upset in some weirdly specific ways. Learn CSP!!!

What constitutes a "good" reference?

It genuinely does depend on specifically what the commission is of, but generally there are a few things I would really like:
First of all, visual references. 1 or 2, 3 at absolute most. These are everything from your own art, to face claims, to something you found on Pinterest that makes you think of the character. The pose that you want, and the general feel of how the piece looks all fit under this category. I've had people send me half a dozen separate pictures, each with "this what the shirt is like," and "i want her to have these boots." That's fantastic, just keep it to 1 reference per individual thing if that's necessary.
I also really really appreciate written descriptions, especially if you don't have any visual references. Describe them as though you're describing a character in a book, ya know? And while I'm on this, describe their personality for me too. It's insanely helpful to know what this character is actually like as a character rather than just visually. Let the artist act through the art.

How long should I expect for the commission to take?

It depends on a lot of factors that I unfortunately have little control over. No update should take longer than a month, and the finished product will be in your hands within 4 months of the initial payment. My job is to get it to you faster than that.

Do you use AI?

Nah. Fuck that noise.

Terms and Conditions


NOTICE: This is the CONDENSED version of the TOS. Detailed info may be missing. The sole purpose of this condensed version is for you to have an easy overview of the main points. Please refer to the full TOS below for more detailed terms, which WILL apply to your order.

  • ⎔ Initial Payment will be paid up front.
  • ⎔ Seller will not be begin work on any order until the Initial Payment is received.
  • ⎔ Product will be delivered digitally.
  • ⎔ Seller will not be responsible for loss of product once it has been delivered.
  • ⎔ Order will be paid for in USD.
  • ⎔ Customer can ask for a refund on orders that show no progress for 2 months, or when work has not been completed within 4 months.
  • ⎔ The above may be void if the Customer does not reply to correspondence adequately or takes too long.
  • ⎔ Products cannot be used for commercial use without additional fees.
  • ⎔ Seller can cancel and refund any order at any time.
  • ⎔ Customer does not hold the right to use the product in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.
  • ⎔ Customer does not hold the right to use the product in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space. Customer does not hold the right to use the product in any AI-related technology, including submitting for datasets, and any future inventions in the space.


LAST UPDATE: 11/3/2023

This contract applies to the artist further called Seller and person or institution further called Customer purchasing from Seller a work of art further called Product. By ordering Product from the Seller the Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. Customer agrees to pay the Initial Payment from the invoice total upfront. The rest due is to be paid upon completion of work.
2. Any other payment schedule has to be mutually agreed before work on the Product commences.
3. Customer accepts that work on the Product will not commence until payment has been received by Seller according to the above schedule.
4. Certain types of work do not allow for a split payment. In such cases customer will be informed about this and will be asked to agree on a different payment schedule, before any work can commence.
5. The Customer must specify the content of the Product to the best of their ability prior to an agreement. A complex commission may incur additional fees, to be defined and agreed upon in the prior to start of work.
6. If the commission is time-sensitive, a rush fee may be applied, to be defined and agreed upon prior to start of work.

7. Customer agrees that Product will be delivered digitally in the same method as their correspondence, after the final payment has been received by the Seller.
8. Any other method of delivery, either digital or physical, has to be mutually agreed before the work commences. Customer is obliged to bear any costs incurred by alternative delivery method, such as postal costs, material costs, digital service subscription fees etc.
9. It is sole responsibility of Customer to propose delivery method which works for both parties. Seller cannot be held accountable for Customer's loss of access to the delivery method, loss of delivered files, impediments such as spam filters or any other technical obstacles outside responsibility of the Seller.
9b. Upon delivery of the product, it is the Customer's responsibility to store it properly. Loss of product due to negligence will not be reimbursed by the Seller. Seller can not guarantee that the original copy of the product will be available in the case that the Customer lost their files.
10. The Product may be defined as confidential by the Customer. The Seller will temporarily delay public display of the image at the request of the Customer until such time the Customer specifies public display is permitted. A Customer may not request the Seller to complete and/or deliver the Product without defining the time span to eventually allow the Seller to publicly display the image.

11. Customer has the right to 3 complete revisions in the sketching phase.
12. Customer has right to a reasonable amount of minor edits after the sketching phase, such as changing an eyecolour or fixing a small detail, up to an additional 10% of the total time spent on creating the originally delivered Product. Any requests above that, however minor, will require a prior mutual agreement and will result in a proportional increase of order value. Any such increase may be invoiced separately. Work on any such excessive requests will not commence until the payment for the additional invoice(s) has been received.

13. Customer agrees to pay the total amount specified in USD.
14. It is the sole responsibility of Customer to bear any currency conversion costs, bank transfer fees, payment provider service fees and any other costs involved in transferring funds to the Seller.
15. Payment is considered as received and completed only when total amount received on Seller's USD account is equal to the invoice amount in USD.

16. Customer has right to request a full refund if there's been no progress for two consecutive months, or when Product has not been completed within four months. Refund conditions for commissions which require more work must be agreed separately, before the work commences. These provisions exclude work interruptions caused by unforeseen circumstances such as illness, accident or any other credibly documented reason for interruption of work.
17. Customer obliges to contact the Seller in a fast and responsive manner, responding swiftly to any requests for comments, clarifications, opinions, validation of progress etc. Lack of timely communication on behalf of Customer will be recognized as implicit approval of all work progress and current state of the Product.

18. The Customer is purchasing the Seller’s labor only. The Seller retains all rights to the Product, which includes but is not limited to: distribution, reproduction, use of the Product for Seller promotion.
19. The Product received by Customer may be used for personal use. Any use of the Product for commercial purposes, reselling it, reproduction or publishing for reasons other than personal purposes has to be approved beforehand by the Seller. This will require a separate agreement between Customer and Seller defining exact conditions and financial implications of such use of the Product.Customer does not hold the right to use the product in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space. In addition, Customer does not hold the right to use the product for AI datasets or for AI tools and any present or future inventions in the space.
20. The Customer may not edit, alter, or trace the Product without the Seller’s expressed, written permission.
21. Under no circumstances may the Customer submit the Product to any kind of contest.

22. Seller reserves every right to refuse or cancel any order, under condition of full refund, without giving reasons to Customer.
23. Any disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in a cancellation of the order. Customer will receive full or partial refund depending on amount of work completed. Seller will have full right to refuse any service to the Customer in the future.